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Latest Versions

The latest version of PInvoker is 1.3.3 and costs $99.95 per license.


Licenses are granted per machine and per major version number. If you purchase a license for version 1.1 this also licenses versions 1.2, 1.3 etc but not version 2.1.


When PInvoker is not licensed it will operate in trial version mode and will present a trial information message box whenever a method is called in any exported interface assembly.

When a license file emailed to you from this site is placed in the same folder as the PInvoker executable then this restriction is removed.

The pinvoke based interop dlls generated by PInvoker and the PInvoker.Marshal.dll assembly on which they depend are freely distributable and without license.

License files

Once licenses have been purchased the license file for each machine can be emailed to you by using the  licenses page.

Secure Payment

For security, purchases are made through paypal and at no time are your payment method details held on this site.


Please register and login to purchase licenses.

You can login  here  if you already have an account, otherwise please register here.

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