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The fastest way to produce C#/VB.NET pinvoke code definitions for any C++ header file and dll.

PInvoker Visual Studio Addin imports C++ header files (even the windows SDK header files) together with their associated dlls and generates C#/VB.NET pinvoke definitions. These definitions can then be inserted into C# or VB.NET code.

Users select from a list of available functions, structs, enums and delegates removing the need to manually find the method definitions in the header files or in the C++ library documentation.

Features include:

  • A choice of possible parameter types for C++ parameters with multiple pinvoke signatures (e.g. char* which can be a string, StringBuilder, byte[] or IntPtr).
  • Automatic insertion of using/imports statements into source code files for the namespaces used in the definition.
  • No need to find decorated symbol names for functions in dlls (by using depends.exe etc). PInvoker Visual Studio Addin automatically inserts the correct dll exported symbol name into the function declaration.
  • Ability to move forwards and backwards through selections and jump to types referenced in the current pinvoke declaration.
  • Compatible with VS2005, VS2008 and VS2010.
PInvoker - Automatic PInvoke Interface Generation

The fastest way to produce complete .NET pinvoke interface class assemblies for C++ dll libraries.

PInvoker also imports C++ header files and dll files. But unlike PInvoker Visual Studio Addin it exports immediately usable .NET interop assemblies containing all methods, classes, structs, enums and delegates contained in the C++ header files and dlls.

PInvoker is best employed as a batch importer when an interface for a large library needs to be generated.

Features include :

  • Generation of interface dlls for entire libraries in seconds. .NET Interface dlls are ready to use immediately.
  • Unique export of C++ typedefs as PInvoker interface classes. Code written using a class library produced by PInvoker strongly resembles the equivalent C++, making conversion from native example code much easier. (e.g. DWORD in the C++ file will be represented by a DWORD class in the interface.)
  • The fully compiled class library exported by PInvoker can be used from any .NET language.
  • PInvoker also contains a command line application suitable for running in post-build steps or continuous build environments.
  • Compatible with the Compact Framework 2.0 and above.
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